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Buddha Statue, Kamakura, Japan

My first serious attempt at meditation was in my early teens. I had heard about TM somewhere and decided to give it a try. I remember sitting on my bed, trying to count my breaths from one to ten – and failing miserably! It wasn’t until years later, after hitting a personal low point in grad school, that I took up mindfulness meditation seriously.

Mindfulness is often presented without any religious or spiritual context – and for good reason. Not everyone is interested in spirituality or religion. But for me, mindfulness has been about diving into the present moment, here and now, to the place where Spirit (by whatever name you know that reality) is found. However you experience mindfulness, the practices lead to greater aliveness, healing at multiple levels, and a sense of interconnectedness with all life.

On pilgrimage in South Korea, 1990

My formal training in mindfulness includes a three-year period of residential training in Korean Zen Buddhism at two small Temples in Ann Arbor, MI, and Chicago, IL. It was during that period (1989-1993) that I moved to Chicago to help my zen teacher establish the Zen Buddhist Temple at 1710 W Cornelia. In the years since, my practice has deepened and I have learned many powerful techniques and approaches which I share with my clients.

My journey has been about healing, finding balance, and awakening. Traumas I experienced as a child left imprints on my life and my ability to live easily in the world. I have wrestled with anxiety, depression, and a lack of basic trust much of my life. For me, mindfulness practice has always been at least partly about healing and finding freedom. Today, I still feel the residue of these challenges, but I can also point to many transformational moments that have fundamentally altered my experience of life.

I live in Chicago with my wife Claire. Here, I’ve learned to live mindfully while in a vibrant city that is plagued with poverty and urban decay. It’s my experience that we do not necessarily have to live in a certain kind of environment to be mindful. What is most important is a strong intention to practice and a willingness to creatively cooperate with life as it unfolds. It’s a never ending path that has brought me great joy, a radically new way of living, and a sense of being part of all life, connected to it all and participating in the co-creation of tomorrow.

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What others are saying about Mindfulness-Based Coaching

Bill excels in guiding others on the path to transformation through  experiential  practices which flow from his own  depths.” -Patricia Grott, Evanston, IL

“Bill has been an impactful force in my own quest for balance in my life.”

“I am eternally grateful for the spark that has been reignited within my own development.”

“Bill brings a sense of peace not only to his experiential workshops, but to everyday life. I always leave his workshops feeling more connected to the peace within myself.”

“I feel more calm and present to my life. I’ve also stopped taking an ADD drug.”

“Bill has a way with words and simply bringing his message into the comfort of our consciousness. What a pleasure to work with you Bill.”   -Terri O’Fallon, Pacific Integral

“Bill’s style is deeply intuitive and compassionate. He possesses the ability to meet any individual.”  –DM, Art Therapy Instructor. Chicago