I love to share new practices with people. Learning a new practice can be like unlocking a treasure house. Having learned these practices from others over many years, or discovered them myself, I offer them to you.

Check back often as I will be adding new resources regularly.

Audio Resources

Friends have asked me to post these guided visualizations and practices after experiencing them during workshops and retreat days. You can find them on SoundCloud, just a click away, or on Insight Timer. If you have a smartphone, you can get the free SoundCloud app and listen to these tracks using your phone.

Work – Life Balance resources

Chris McKenna’s article, Getting Real About Exhaustion” has some excellent ideas for how to rejuvenate and renew yourself without leaving home or spending a dime. Basically, he suggests creating a monthly 2-3 hour meditation retreat that includes meditation in the four classic postures: lying down, seated, standing, and walking.

The Science of Mindfulness

The Mind & Life Institute is dedicated to scientific research in the neuroscience of mindfulness and meditation.