Mindfulness Training

Kamakura Buddha_springAre the stresses of your life eating away at your workplace productivity and your enjoyment of life? Mindfulness meditation is a powerful practice that changes lives. You will learn basic and advanced practices tailored specifically to help you meet your goals. This whole body mindfulness training shows you how to:

– Anchor yourself in the present moment
-Develop an unshakeable inner peace
-Increase your EQ – develop emotional mastery and balance
-Manage mental habits, increasing access to flow states
-Become a more powerful, embodied leader
-Bring mindfulness to every aspect of your life: self, body, relationships, and work

Talk to me about creating a personalize training program custom-designed to meet your goals. If you’ve been wanting to dive into mindfulness practice, there is no time like the present moment to take the plunge! I guarantee you will notice a difference within two weeks of starting the program.

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Contact me today to set up a free Mindfulness Assessment that will show you where you are now and how mindfulness meditation will help you meet your goals. 

Manage Stress, Anxiety and Overwhelm

Do stress, anxiety and overwhelm undermine your performance and rob you of the joy of your work? Mindfulness is a powerful tool for working with nonproductive states and bad mental habits. Given the stresses that most of us are dealing with these days, it’s no wonder that we sometimes suffer from:

-Anxiety and worry
-Stress and tightness
-Sleep disturbances
-Mental and emotional overwhelm

These mental and emotional challenges take us out of the present moment and destroy our workplace effectiveness. What’s worse, they actually make it impossible to access your higher brain functions, including intuition, flow states, and decision making. With our ability to work well diminished, our anxiety and stress increase further in downward spiral towards breakdown.

I’ll work with you to develop a basic program of mindfulness practices custom designed for your top challenges. Follow-up coaching is available to help you integrate the new tools you learn into your workday.

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