Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are a great way to meditate. This collection will give you several different experiences of meditation, from the basic, but profound Body Scan to practices that combine meditation with visualization. As you become familiar with them, you won’t need the recording anymore and you can make your own customized versions for yourself.

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Opening to Spirit
Open body, heart and mind to ever present Spirit in this 12 minute guided meditation. Relax into your natural, always already present connection to Spirit at the levels of mind, heart and body.

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
A brief but comprehensive introduction to mindfulness meditation, using breath-counting to anchor yourself in the present moment, with full awareness of the natural breath cycle. The beginning presents the method of mindfulness meditation. There is an extended period of silence which begins about halfway through the 29 minute recording. I hope you enjoy this guided introduction to the wonderful practice!

Expanding Care: A Lovingkindness Meditation
A fourteen minute guided lovingkindness meditation, a great way to develop compassion for self and others. This is a variation on a practice described by Joanna Macy in her book, World as Lover, World as Self.

Zen Breathing
Learn a deep breathing technique, diaphragmatic breathing, which is a great way to breath while meditating. I recommend using diaphragmatic breathing during formal meditation practice as well as throughout the day. It’s a great way to center yourself, release worry and anxiety, and relax. It’s so widely practiced that you can find many people recommending it, including the people at Cleveland Clinic.

Zen Meditation
Learn a simple, yet powerful meditation practice suitable for beginners as well as advanced meditators!

Whole Body Scan Meditation
The body scan is one of the core practices for embodied awakening. It brings gentle awareness and consciousness to every cell of your body, relaxing the entire bodymind system. Many people practice it daily and find the practice only deepens with time. This is a shorter body scan, perfect for those new to the practice. This Body Scan is now available on the Insight Timer app.

Chi Breathing
This practice involves breathing Chi, vital subtle energy, into key areas of the body, using your hands to help focus the process. The result is an amazing relaxation, enlivening, and awakening of the subtle body. This is a great practice to do with a partner, especially if you are both feeling the need to relax and reboot!

Whole Body Meditation
Here we use the breath to bring awareness and awakening to the entire body. The meditation starts with our feet, grounding us to the hear and now. It concludes by connecting us to our transpersonal self, that which is connected to all that is.

Connected to Heaven and Earth
I originally learned this meditation from Dr Sharon Wendt and have used it many times over the years. It grounds us to the good earth and opens us up to our infinite potential for transcendence. And what I really like about this practice is that it unites and harmonizes these two poles of our being: our limited human body and the unlimited consciousness that flows through us, as us.

Chakra Visualization
The newest meditation in the series, this came about by accident. I started out intending to do one process, but another suggested itself mid-stream and so this became one of the most powerful and surprising guided visualizations I’ve done. Whether you can visualize easily or not, I think you’ll be able to enter into this experience!