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Mindfulness-based coaching is an integral approach. It looks at your life using a comprehensive map that illuminates both your strengths and your growing edges. This map helps you see yourself clearly by taking four different perspectives on your life, exploring your Self from four different viewpoints.

In my work with coaching clients, we look at all four of these areas. We identify existing strengths and look for opportunities to work with the areas that have the greatest potential to unlock your emerging potential.

Integral Stress Reduction

I use this integral map of the Self, which looks at you from four different perspectives.

The Subjective Self
This is the inner you, the subjective world of your beliefs, your vision and intention, and your multiple intelligences (cognitive, kinesthetic, interpersonal, moral, spiritual, etc). This is the place where your core beliefs about yourself – who you believe you are and what you believe about the world you live in. I help individuals to free themselves from limiting beliefs about themselves and the world and to align themselves with the truth of who they are, who they are becoming. The subjective self is also the place where we hold the stories we tell ourselves about our lives: who we are, how we came to be as we are now, and what our prospects are for the future. As with our core beliefs, so our stories can either be life-enhancing or limiting. So, I work wiht my clients to help them revisit, even rewrite their personal stories.

Practices to develop and heal the Subjective Self include:

  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Performance Mapping, a kind of journaling
  • Story-Mining
  • Shadow work
  • Counseling
“Bill excels in guiding others on the path to transformation through  experiential  practices which flow from his own  depths.” -Patricia Grott, Evanston, IL

The Objective Self:
The objective self is your physical body. It’s everything about you that has form. It can be said that the physical body, your objective self, is the other side of your subjective self. Certainly, there are intimate connections between these two aspects of your self. Your body stores all the experiences of your life time. They live on here, whether stored in the brain or perhaps held in your muscles, ligaments and tendons. When we experience trauma of any kind, whether a car accident, a fall, or abuse (physical or psychological), the trauma generally becomes stuck in the body. An important part of the healing journey is finding ways to release these held traumas without having to relive the original experience (thus retraumatizing ourselves). In my work with clients who’ve experienced significant trauma, this is an important part of the work. Many of us feel that we have not experienced severe trauma, but in my experience just being alive in today’s stressful, impersonal world leaves its mark on us. Luckily, there are powerful techniques available today that can help us release trauma and heal.

There are many ways to work with the physical body. Some of the most powerful sound very simple, but establishing these fundamentals to physical well-being is the first step.

Practices to strengthen and heal the Objective Self include:

  • A healthy, mindful relationship to food and drink
  • Aerobic exercise and strength training
  • Qi Gong and somatic (body-based) meditations
  • Good sleep habits
  • Supplements and Essential Oils, as appropriate

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Relationships and Culture
We are built for relationship, yet relationships can be one of the most challenging parts of life. How to be oneself in relationship? How to balance your needs with theirs? How to balance time for oneself with time for the family? How to work with others with whom we simply don’t see eye to eye? How to truly be a “good friend” to our friends and family members? How to visit with family at the holiday without getting into the “craziness” that arises?

If relationships are challenging, they are also infinitely rewarding. Others help us to see parts of ourselves that we are blind to. They illuminate our blindspots and reflect our gifts back to us for us to see. I work with clients to help them develop a greater capacity for intimay in their relationships with spouses, life partners and family and better communication skills for all relationships. And for those of us who’ve had difficulty in relationships, sometimes revisiting our Core Beliefs about relationships (part of the Subjective Self) can be the key to unlocking greater enjoyment and ease in our relationships.

Exercises to build Relational Skills include:

  • Partner Check-ins
  • Family Meetings
  • Intimacy Explorations
  • Communication Skills
  • Partner Meditation

Engagement with Systems: Work and the World
It is in our engagement with the world that some of our most satisfying and rewarding experiences are to be found. There is nothing like seeing your personal gifts and passions engaged in creating something valuable, something that helps others live better lives. Yet, many times our experience of work is not fulfilling and our experience of the world can become more a drain than a source of inspiration! In working with clients on this aspect of Self, I want to revisit the Subject Self, you, and your passions and vision for life. I want to understand what your gifts are and what makes you light up. Do you want to help the world evolve? How? In what way, exactly? Sometimes a new career path might open up, other times what’s needed is not a new job but a new approach to the job you have.

Exercises to develop Engagement with Systems include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Explorations of Values
  • Career Suitability Evaluation
  • Work-place skill building
  • Career coaching
  • Workplace Effectiveness Coaching


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Mindfulness Based Coaching

Mindfulness Based Coaching

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What others are saying about mindfulness-based coaching:

“You have been an impactful force in my own quest for balance in my life.”

“I am eternally grateful for the spark that has been reignited within my own development.”

“Bill brings a sense of peace not only to his experiential workshops, but to everyday life. I always leave his workshops feeling more connected to the peace within myself.”

“I feel more calm and present to my life. I’ve also stopped taking an ADD drug.”

“Bill has a way with words and simply bringing his message into the comfort of our consciousness. What a pleasure to work with you Bill.”   -Terri O’Fallon, Pacific Integral

“Bill’s style of mentorship is deeply intuitive and compassionate. He possesses the ability to meet any individual.”  –DM, Art Therapist. Chicago